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Ghost - A History

A luxury heritage fashion brand, Ghost launched 30 years ago. As well as numerous supermodels walking our runways at New York fashion week we have also dressed many a celebrity in our beautiful bias cut gowns

From Pencil to Product

A sneak peak at the design process involved in creating our famous dresses. From the initial sketches to the final product – take a look behind the scenes

Dye to Order Inspiration

The inspiration for our Dye to Order collections revolve around the feminine and classic Ghost silhouette. The styles evolve each season but we keep our timeless cuts and heritage fabrics constant

Unique Process

Each of our glamorous dresses goes through a specialised dyeing process at our in house factories resulting in beautifully finished dresses with a unique vintage look

Dyed to Order, Dyed for You

Our unique and specialised dresses are created and Dyed to Order just for you

What colour are you?

With our collection of 12 trend led colours, we have made sure to cater for every skin tone and every body type