Backstage with Oscar

Wednesday October 7 2015

 It’s been a long day on set today – so much running around and making sure everything is in place for the photoshoot, it has been really fun mind you. I mean, in reality I’m chasing balls and jumping puddles, so staying on top of all this wasn’t easy.

You might be thinking what have I, Oscar, got anything to do with a fashion shoot. Well, my loving owner Harley is a photographer and art director and today it’s my time to oversee the backstage business. Hairdryers booming, dresses draped in every corner and lighting preparations underway, it was my time to... nap.

Either way, I’m now wide awake and ready to share with you my favourite moments from the shoot!

Disclaimer: This post contains a handsome dog, adorable puppy eyes and a wagging tail. The ­­­­­­posing you see might be fake, but the people and animals are all real, although some of what they do have been set up purely for your entertainment.


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